Glass Backsplash

Colored Glass Backsplash

When calling Planet Glass, our glass team can tell you all about our colored glass backsplashes. This type of glass backsplash is a fantastic design option for bathrooms and kitchens. A colored backsplash can also be used in commercial buildings with public bathrooms for stand-out interior design and hygienic surfaces.


Painted Colors

A colored glass backsplash is a sheet of glass (1/4 – 3/8) that can be painted in the color of your choice and then installed on your wall.



Measurements are taken, then the glass is fabricated. Your color of choice is then painted on the glass, the glass is installed to the drywall, and all seams are caulked.


Backsplash Benefits

With no grout joints, the glass is easier to keep clean, sanitized, and makes for a seamless and modern feel, a perfect option for today’s kitchens.

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