Lifetime Shower Warranty


We offer our customers a 1-year warranty on all frameless shower door installs, after that, we offer lifetime customer satisfaction for any possible issue with your enclosure for a service call fee of $75 – $125, depending on the type of enclosure. We ask that you read the terms and conditions below that stand for every installation. 

Hardware issues that are not covered by Planet Glass; but not limited to; are scratched, dents, dings, any cosmetic damages due to improper care, the consumer is responsible for a replacement labor service charge of $75 – $125 PLUS cost of new hardware. 


The installation process requires hole drilling into tile and marble to properly secure the glass. Planet Glass is not responsible for any damages to any surface or material during the installation or removal. Water leak damage can be caused by an incorrect pitch of the tile curb or having a curbless shower pan we cannot guarantee 100% no leakage. Even though Planet Glass orders the enclosure to fit the unit, there still may be water leaks. Homeowners should take into consideration the position and direction of aim of the shower head and any sprayer inside the unit. Please keep in mind frameless showers are made to deflect water and not retain it. All defects, such as scratches, chips, flaws, etc., must be brought to Planet Glass’ attention in writing and sent directly to within 48 hours of installation. Vinyl seals such as door sweeps or fins are a wear and tear item that with time can discolor/deteriorate, in which case it would be the customers expense to replace. At time of measure technician will discuss what type of shower would work with your bathroom plan by paying non-refundable deposit you agree for your order to be placed as agreed and it is your responsibility for paying 100% of balance at time of install. Any changes after order placement will be customer responsibility for additional cost. 


Gaps between glass to wall and glass to glass may vary between 1/16” to 1/4″ vinyl seals are available free of charge at the time of installation, otherwise there would be a service call fee after the installation had been completed and paid in full. 


Planet Glass does not manufacturer tempered glass. All orders placed are sent to a third party for processing. Lead times provided are just an estimate. Delays may occur that are out of our control. Homeowners will be contacted to schedule installation as soon as the customer’s order is received. From time to time there are manufacturing errors that require glass to be reordered. Planet Glass assumes no responsibility for any delay due to third party manufacturing errors or extended lead times. 


All appointments must be performed during normal business hours, Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 5:00pm. After hours/weekends are available at an additional cost and must be asked about during ordering process.